About IDESTA Group

The IDESTA group is owned and run by the Wahlström family. Devoted to owning and developing its subsidiaries, AB IDESTA is the parent company.
It sets operational and financial goals for each company and supports them in matters relating to finance, strategy development, takeovers and overall sales and marketing.
The group’s subsidiaries are run separately as independent companies with their own managers. These are specialists in the industries concerned.

Namn Namnsson

012-34 56 78
[email protected]

Namn Namnsson

012-34 56 78
[email protected]

Namn Namnsson

012-34 56 78
[email protected]

Namn Namnsson

012-34 56 78
[email protected]

Vår historia

1929 -

Sigurd Lewerentz, the internationally famous architect, founds IDESTA to design and make door and window units in metal and glass.

1940 -

IDESTA buys AB BLOKK, a former manufacturer of IDESTA’s door and window units.

1956 -

Sigurd Lewerentz hands responsibility for, and management of, the company to his son, Carl Lewerentz.

1968 -

IDESTA buys Svenska Stålprodukter AB, a sales company, and Stans- och verktygsfabriken AB, a manufacturer of stainless steel products such as saucepans and healthcare items.

1971 -

Implementation of a new stainless steel system for Gastronorm containers under the EssNorm brand and standard.

1984 -

Carl Lewerentz sells IDESTA to Berema AB, a company in the Atlas Copco group.

1988 -

The Swedish agency for the American Cambro, which manufactures plastic serving and storage equipment for restaurants and commercial kitchens, is acquired.

1989 -

IDESTA is bought by Industrikapital, an investment company (its first acquisition).

1993 -

Operations are split into the AB IDESTA Kök and IDESTA Byggsystem AB business companies.

1994 -

The Swedish agency for the American Edlund, which manufactures stainless steel scales and can openers, is acquired.

1996 -

The Swedish agency for the American Hamilton Beach, which manufactures mixers and blenders, is acquired.

1998 -

IDESTA is acquired by the refrigeration company Coldator Sweden AB.

2000 -

IDESTA is acquired by the Wahlström family.

2000 -

IDESTA acquires façade system company Stålpart AB (went bankrupt in 2002)

2001 -

IDESTA acquires the business of the former Steeltech/Electrolux factory in Malmö and forms the IDESTA Foodtech AB subsidiary.

2004 -

Development of a new, stainless steel heat pump for single and multi-family buildings. The pump is the basis of a new business area, IDESTA Heattech.

2005 -

Acquisition of the business of AMSTA Rostfritt AB. This is moved from Kolbäck to Eskilstuna and merged with AB IDESTA Kök.

2005 -

Establishment of a new, half-owned company, IDESTA Kapp, in Izmir, Turkey, for the manufacture of stainless steel Gastronorm containers.

2008 -

The business of Erland Östlund Smide AB (special welding operations in Köping and Kungsör) is acquired and the name changed to Weldor AB.

2009 -

Bröderna Jakobssons Smide AB in Kolsva (manufacture of floodgates for small and medium-sized hydroelectric power stations) is acquired.

2009 -

Manufacture and sales of heat pumps are hived off from IDESTA Foodtech AB to form a new subsidiary, Mecaterm AB.

2011 -

IDESTA Foodtech AB acquires Standardbox AB, producer of transport trolleys for heated and cooled food under the SDX brand.​​​​​​​

2014 -

IDESTA Byggsystem closes its operations due to decreasing demand. The IDESTA group thereby leaves its original business after 85 years, but aims forward into new ventures.
Sigurd Lewerentz